Deciduous Shrubs

Quart Liners

Our deciduous quart liners offer a pot of potential for you!

We start our liners from our own softwood cuttings taken here at Evergreen Nursery in the summer months.We root the cuttings in one season and then pot them up into our quart pot the next spring.We grow the quart line on for the rest of that year and offer these pots of potential to you in fall of that year and the following spring.

In our continuing efforts to increase efficiency, we are experimenting with directly sticking all of our hydrangea and dogwood varieties into a SureRoot 15 cell tray. We are confident this will produce as high a quality liner that you have come to expect.

Our growing season is ideal for rooting and growing deciduous liners.Our cool growing season and relatively low humidity is perfect for rooting and growing cuttings.We have a high percentage of sunny days that rarely reach ninety degrees.We use less mist and need less disease control to grow plants with large tops and heavy root systems.Even though our plants may be pampered, our cold northern Wisconsin winters ensure the plants are as tough as can be.

What a money maker this product could be for you.Pot these liners in fall or spring and grow for one season and for most varieties you have a cost effective container to sell the following spring. Or plant in your field in spring and have them ready for your landscape jobs the next season.

Try a sampling of product this spring and see if this might work for you.

“PW” pots are available for purchase through Evergreen Nursery Co. Inc.. Please contact us to order.