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24 – 36"


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Native alternative to boxwood.  Love boxwood but struggle with disease or winter damage? Plant Strongbox® inkberry holly instead. This native evergreen naturally grows as a broadly rounded mound, and keeps its leaves all the way to the ground for the lush, dense look you love. It can be pruned or shaped as you desire, or left to attain its neat natural shape. It’s also much faster growing than boxwood, and offers good deer resistance, too.  Little care is needed to enjoy Strongbox inkberry holly in your landscape. It has shallow roots, so a 2-3″ layer of mulch is a good idea. If you wish to trim or prune it, do so in mid-late spring, after the new growth has emerged.  Strongbox is a female variety and will develop black berries if a compatible male pollinator is planted in the vicinity.  Uses are border plant, container, edging plant, landscape, mass planting, specimen or focal point.  Plant Strongbox inkberry holly anywhere you’d use boxwood – as a hedge, edging, or specimen. Strongbox inkberry holly is a bit broader and less rounded than our other inkberry holly, Gembox.

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  • 15 Ct Tray = 1 year liner stage, 3 tray mix/match minimum
  • 18 Ct Tray = 1 & 2 year liner stage, 3 tray mix/match minimum
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  • F21-S22
  • F22-S23
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  • FALL 2021 - SPRING 2022
  • FALL 2022 - SPRING 2023