Birch Trees

Bare root

For the growers,  our bare root birch is a great liner. Plants are lined out in our field beds and grown one season. Cool summer temperatures and sandy soil promote sturdy tops and heavy well branched root systems.In late fall we dig the trees and store them over winter in our specially designed cooler that provides optimal temperature and humidity. No sweating is required when you receive our liners.They are ready to plant and grow on.

38 Cell

Our 38 cell birch liners are started from a hardy seed source and tissue culture micro propogation. Seedlings are transplanted into 38 cell trays that have deep inward ridges and a large drainage hole for optimal root training and pruning.Liners spend the growing season outside, forming strong stems and roots.Plants can be shipped from late fall through spring and planted into your field or containers.


18 Ct Tray liners