Custom Grow Program

Custom seeding ensures you receive the products you want, delivered when you need them!


We seed a wide range of evergreens

At Evergreen Nursery we produce over three million liners a year. Our evergreens are grown from seed and hardwood cuttings. Birch liners are propagated using many different methods including seed, cuttings and micro propagation.  We also grow hundreds of thousands of cranberry plant liners each year in plugs from hardwood cuttings.

Innovation and experience means consistent quality and numbers

Growing the variety of quality liners requires trained staff and specialized propagation structures. Our staff has many years of experience and training to handle a wide variety of plant species. They are able to consistently propagate plants year after year using our established systems and we are always looking forward to new methods. Our greenhouses are equipped with modern heating, ventilation, irrigation and mist. We continue to expand our greenhouse space to meet the needs of our customers.

The plants you need each year, when you need them

Custom propagation with Evergreen Nursery will give you the consistent quality and numbers to ensure a smooth and stress free potting/planting. You tell us what you would like to see in the coming years and we will custom grow those plants for you. No need to search vendors looking for product, we will grow the amount of plants you are looking for, and they will be delivered when you want them.


If you would like more information on our Contract Grow Program, please give us a call today: 920-743-4464.